Posted by: londontravels | September 8, 2009

Day 6

Day 6

Wow…this blogging thing is so much easier.

Today was the first day of classes and I couldn’t be happier about my first day courses. Although there was a bit of a mix up with who was registered in my first class (British Mass Media) the instructor is a great speaker who definitely seems like a great teacher. His name is Christopher Cook and he has done everything from radio, to writing, to producing television shows and documentaries. I don’t know if it is the British accent or what, but my man knows how to tell some compelling stories. We talked about the beginning of mass communication (starting with the radio and how it was used by the government for war purposes) and how it made its way over to the UK. Luckily, I took a course last year called The History of Broadcasting where I learned about all of this stuff, so a lot of it was sounding familiar. I was very pleased with my first course.

My second class was called Travel Writing with Brian Ridgers. An equally interesting instructor who has a lot of insight on the culture of the people in London as well as other places in Europe. Our goal in this class is basically to become Flanuer’s (an urban spectator who walks through the city and records what he sees…basically a gazer). This class was very conversational and open to discussion which was really neat. We go on a few field trips including the Globe Theatre to see a play as well as a tour of where the Jack the Ripper murders happened and what exactly drove this man to do such horrible acts (Chris, you were telling me about the Jack the Ripper tour when you came here…hopefully it’s the same).

Tomorrow is Senior Seminar with a Temple professor named David Ingram. I am not too sure what to expect in this class; however, Dr. Ingram seems like an extremely nice person so it should be another great class. After that class I have a bit of a break until British Cinema at 4:30 with Christopher Cook again. I am really looking forward to this course considering I know the professor and my interest for films. Oh yes, I forgot to tell you that Christopher and Brian (we were told to call them by their first names) are both British professors. I don’t have any pictures for today, so I will send some pictures that my basemate Chris took, along with some more pictures from my other basemate Andrew. Cheers!



p.s. I hope this blogging thing is okay with everyone…I will just send e-mails now saying that I updated the blog.



  1. Glad to see you had a great first day of classes, they do sound very interesting. Looking forward to hearing about the broadcasting classes you know me and history.

  2. uncle dan, what are you doing up at 256am??? ur a party animal!! haha

    i am sooo sooo happy to hear you are having a great time! ur an awesome writer. i am really intrigued by everything you have to say. When you become famous one day, please don’t forget me. ha. love u!

  3. Stacy, it was 2:56am in England not here. My days of staying up that late are long over……

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