Posted by: londontravels | September 9, 2009

Day 3

Day 3

Day 3 down the hatchet. Another productive day. This morning was the walking tour of Kensington and later on in the afternoon was the bus tour. The walking tour was mainly of Kensington and its back roads. It was cool to learn little facts about the area we live in, but the bus tour was much cooler. For the bus tour, we went all over downtown London. We saw things like “Big Ben,” St. Paul’s Cathedral, Parlament, London Bridge, The London Eye, Westminster Cathedral, etc. Since it was a bus tour I wasn’t able to snap good photos through the window, so later on this week I am going to go back and do some damage. After our tour, one of my roomates and I went running in Hyde Park and got lost. We figured we’d take a different route and check out the other sites…little did we know, Hyde Park is a giant park that has a lake in the middle of it…we found our way back though.

Just now we did the good old tourist thing and got some fish and chips and a pint. As you all probably know the fish and chips is like the cheesesteaks of London. With that said, I wouldn’t mind going around London and testing out all of the great f&c places. Tomorrow will be the first day that I actually have nothing planned for school. So, I think that a few of us are going to check out the town where my favorite zombie movie, Shaun of the Dead, was filmed. Apparently it’s about eight miles away, so we are going to attempt to learn the bus/tube routes. Anyway, hope all is well. Miss everyone and I promise more pictures in the up coming entries.

p.s. We finally found a bar that stays open past 11 p.m….God Bless America




  1. YES, Get lost in a foreign country. thats what im talking about.

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