Posted by: londontravels | September 9, 2009

Day 4

Day 4

Today was Stationers Park and Notting Hill. Near Stationers Park (which was beautiful…pictures below) is where a few scenes from my favorite zombie movie, Shaun of the Dead, was filmed (pictures posted below). If anyone is familiar with the film, the first place we went to was the little quickie market that he walks into in the opening scene. Unfortunately it was closed today (apparently London completely closes down on Sundays) but it was still cool to see. Also, we checked out where Shaun, Pete and Ed lived (83 Weston Park) in the movie.

Later that night we were going to try to find this film festival at the Portobello Market, but we weren’t able to find it (all good because it is every Sunday). So, we decided to walk around Notting Hill where there are a lot of little boutiques and cool café’s. Unfortunately, like I stated earlier, everything is pretty much closed in London on Sundays so we just window-shopped. We did, however, get to try some authentic gelato, which was phenomenal. I also posted a couple pictures of St. James Church in Notting Hill, which I thought was extremely beautiful.

Tomorrow is downtown London and mostly the touristy sites again (Westminster Abbey, Big Ben, London Tower, etc). I forgot my camera for the bus trip so I am going to get some good pics tomorrow. Early day tomorrow so I am going to sign off for tonight. Toodles.

p.s. I lied about the Britt’s being responsible drinkers…I haven’t seen so many drunk people in one place…walking around with open containers is legal…that just screams drunks

Also, note to a few friends:

Tisin– We went to a Subway today to get lunch…they had 6 inch Chicken Tikka sandwich on the menu…solid

Tom– Maserati’s, Ferrari’s, and Bentley’s are the normal luxury car around here…you’d go six to twelve in a minute…Also, I saw an Audi r8 tonight…sexiest car ever.

Rubin, Scott, Tisin, Nick and anyone else associated with Jesse Goldsmith– Can you let him know that I checked out where Shaun of the Dead was filmed? Thanks bitches.



  1. HI Sweety,
    This is fantastic…you are sounding like a Brit already. I will look forward to reading your blog every day. I love and miss you.
    Mom xoxo

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