Posted by: londontravels | September 10, 2009

Day 7

Day 7

One week down. I just finished taking a shower (ladies, don’t get too excited) and now I am about to head to my final class of the week (pretty solid, right?). My first class today was at 9 AM and I really enjoyed it. The class was with a professor from Temple named David Ingram. He’s a very insightful dude who is really down to earth and very friendly. The class is called Travel Writing. Although I am not too sure what we will be doing in this class, the course schedule has at least five different field trips including the Globe Theatre, Stone Henge, Baths, Westminster Abbey, etc. I am so relieved that I didn’t spend the 12 pounds to go into Westminster the other day, because now I will be going for free (or at least paid in my tuition).

Today we watched a movie called This is England about a young boy who lost his father in the war and how he is persuaded to join the Nationalist in their efforts to rid the country of all non-whites. It was basically like the KKK of the UK. The young boy was frustrated for being bullied at school until he met some older kids who took him under their wing and helped him gain back some self-esteem. However, when one of the kids’ old friends comes back to town after being released from jail, he attempts to talk all of the kids (including the young boy) into joining the Nationalist movement. All of the kids refuse to join the movement except for two of them and the young boy who was persuaded by the “old friend” to join. The young boy joins because the man basically brainwashes him to believe that his father should have never been killed in the war and that the war should have never happened. It was an extremely compelling film and I strongly suggest it. I never realized how divided (for a lack of a better word) that the Irish, Scottish, and British were and still kind of are. It was really interesting to learn how problems occur with neighboring countries over here just like they do in North America.

After class, I went and bought some essential items for living and then went to Urban Outfitters to purchase some new kicks. I know, dumb on my part for not buying them before I left the states; however, I didn’t realize that my shoes smelled like baby carrots and kitty litter until last night when Steve and I searched our entire room for a dead animal only to discover that it was my shoes. It is also discouraging because I used to get 40% off of over priced items at Urban…now I pay full price…in pounds. But, it was a mistake that I will learn from and move on.

Anyway, I am going to get dressed (no, I haven’t been sitting here typing in the nude, for Steve is in the room and we are talking…Tisin! Get your head out of the gutter!). But I shall return soon with updates on my final class of the week and some pictures of my flat since I haven’t posted them yet…

…Returned from class around 8:00 PM. If every class is going to be as boring as today’s (Study of the British Cinema) than this will probably be my worst class of the four (so excruciating right? haha). No, but today we read two passages from two people I have never heard of and really didn’t understand what either passage was about. So, three hours of that was pretty brutal. However, the class is British Cinema so I am guessing that films will play a solid role in the class…this is just an assumption ha.

Anyway, some exciting news that I would like to pass along…Chris and I just booked a trip to Amsterdam (don’t worry Mom and Dad, we found the cheapest price we could) from October 3 to October 5. We’ve been talking about it for a few days now, but I was just tired of hearing about where everyone wanted to go and no follow through. So, it was a bit of a spur of the moment type of deal, but now that we have done it I honestly can’t wait. I think that I have gotten a grasp of the city of London and now it’s time to discover what else is out there…it shall be an experience.

Well, since I didn’t do any exploring today, my Mom requested some pictures of my building and flat so below are some pictures…real exciting, I know. Hope all is well. Love you guys.

Before I go…some quick notes:

Ayva- I met a girl today who goes to Temple that is your identical twin…Her name is Amber Emory…Facebook stalk her…seriously

Scott- Pickles here are called Gherkins…



  1. Glad you are getting to see Westminster Abbey for free or somewhat free. Remember my motto “if it’s not for free it’s not for me”. Did you find any Banana Peppers yet?

    • no banana peppers….really upset about it.

  2. you will continue to see more look a likes. its creepy. just make sure u say the correct name to ur new pal…. i believe the dutch are big into the color orange.

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