Posted by: londontravels | September 12, 2009

Day 9

Today was the London Dungeon and all parts of “The City.”  The London Dungeon was pretty neat. It was basically a haunted house/museum that taught you about “The Plague,” Jack the Ripper, the Great Fire of London, etc. It was a little over priced, but what isn’t over priced in this city? After, we checked out the monument of the Great Fire, which is this extremely tall statue with some pretty neat murals on the sides that were carved out of stone.

After walking around Soho for a a little while, we headed back to the flat and hung out for a bit, ate some dinner and then headed out to a pub. The Imperial, which is a pub in the Imperial University student center, is very convenient and a pretty cool place to meet British people. Although I haven’t met anyone just yet (we have all kind of been hanging in our own little Temple/American group) I know I will eventually strike up a convo with some of them (ha it’s like they are a different species or something).

After the Imperial, we headed to this club called Social. I’m not much of a club guy, but I really enjoyed this place. They played really good music and we had a blast. Social closed up at 1, so my flat-mate Andrew wanted to head to this gay bar called Ku so we could keep dancing. So, we did that which turned out to be a really good time. It was super packed (obviously with mostly dudes) but it was open enough to dance. I’ve never been to a gay bar so I really didn’t know what to expect, but I definitely had a good time. It’s kind of cool how everyone is there just to dance and have a good time. At regular bars it seems like there is always an altercation at one point of the night. But, in this bar everyone was just having a good time…Everyone is nice and regardless if you now the person or not, they treat you with respect. It’s cool to see how the gay community sticks together. With that said, I did have my little circle of girls shielding me from any misunderstandings ha ha

Well, that was my day/night…today it looks like I am just going to do some wash, buy some school supplies and probably go for a jog. I should probably take it easy after last night. I originally planned on posting some pictures of different things from yesterday, but I am currently locked out of my room (Steve decided to lock our bedroom door even though all of us are here) so once I get into my room I will post the pictures…there is one that is in Piccadily Circus, which will look very familiar to everyone. It is basically the Time Square of London…giant flashing advertisements and such. Talk to everyone soon!



Update 6:20 PM September 12, 2009: Finally got back into my room after 4 hours…here are some pics



  1. Uncle Bob is here working on the house, it is Tuesday afternoon. He says he knows some great places he can take you on your next visit to NYC.

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