Posted by: londontravels | September 13, 2009

Day 10

Due to the fact that I was locked out of my room for 4 hours with nothing but my underwear and laptop, yesterday was a pretty uneventful day. One thing that I made sure that I got done was my wash, for I had no clean socks nor underwear. After doing my wash, the plan was to go to the Thames Festival which is a yearly festival that they have this weekend. I am not too sure what the purpose of this festival is, but apparently it is a huge deal over here. We ended up not going to the festival though because we heard from someone who was already there that Sunday is the day to go (there is supposed to be fireworks at night and performances and such).

I am not too sure if I will make it to the festival today because, as many of you already know, the Eagles start today and I am doing everything I can to figure out how I can watch them. I met a Brit (finally!) yesterday who gave me a website that allows you to stream American football over the internet. Apparently he lived in Southern Florida for the past three years and is a huge Buccaneers fan. He has been using this site while he is in the UK to follow the Bucs and he says it works really well. I also did exchange a few e-mails with the GM  of the Sports Cafe (a bar here that shows American sports) who said that they will be showing Eagles games during the season. But, I am not sure if that just means the nationally televised games or what. So, I am just going to head over anyway because I want to watch American football and eat buffalo wings because that is what I do. Hopefully the Cowboys or Giants are on so I can root against them. Sorry for the uneventful post, but my day was pretty much weaksauce. Toodles.



p.s. Per Nicholas Delorenzo’s e-mail, I heard the Kings of Leon show was pretty gnarly…I hope you all had a great time and I wish I was there to spend it with you sex machines.


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