Posted by: londontravels | September 14, 2009

Day 11

Well, another trip booked. Chris, Steve and I booked a trip to Dublin to kick off our mid-semester break. We leave at 6:30 AM on Monday, October 26th and we come back to London on Thursday, October 29th at 6:45 AM. After that, the plan is to sleep a day and then take the train to Paris for a few more days…but that is still in the works. It is amazing how cheap some of these flights are. Our round trip flight cost us 20 pounds each and the hostel for 3 days only cost us 33 euros. It is exciting to know that I have two trips planned to two separate countries in a span of 3 weeks…I guess I need to get out more 🙂

As for my day, it started off with a bowl of cereal and a jog. After, I rounded the troops and we booked our flight. As I stated in the earlier post, I am sure everyone was as excited as I was to watch the Eagles first game. I did my research and found a place called the Sports Cafe that has something like 200 televisions and plays American sports, mainly football. I checked the website to see if the Eagles would be playing on any of the available feeds, but it didn’t seem likely. I went anyway because football makes me feel like I am home :-). As I was about to head to the Sports Cafe, I received a phone call from my Dad who is actually on a road trip with his friend Vince. My Dad was in the parking lot in Carolina with close to 500 other Eagles fans getting ready to head into the game to watch the Birds whoop all over the Panthers…I think it is fair to say that my Dad is cooler than I am, for this is the second year in a row he has traveled to a different city to see the Eagles. I hope you had an awesome time, Dad.

Anyway, like I was saying, I dragged Chris, Zack and Adam over to the Sports Cafe with me to check it out and boy was it an American sports heaven. Unfortunately the Eagles weren’t one of the games being shown, but I got to watch Brett Favre (unfortunately) in his first game as a Viking, as well as the Colts in their new stadium. There is a rumor out there that the Eagles/Saints game will be shown next week because it will be Fox’s national game. If this vicious rumor is true, I will be an extremely happy “American in London watching American football and not that pansy shin pad wearing goop we like to call soccer.” Sorry, that was a low blow, but it is hard to contain myself. By the way, what happened with McNabb? I heard he cracked his ribs? If this is the case, I am sure he will miss some time and we will have to unfortunately stomach a Kevin Kolb appearance for a week before they unleash the beast (woof! woof!). Now, I am sure there are mixed feelings about Michael Vick and whether or not he deserves another shot to play in the NFL. Let me just say this…when Michael Vick leads the Eagles to victory in week 3, I am promising that the fans will be preaching to keep him as the starter regardless if McNabb is healthy or not. It is sad, but I am sure it will happen. What I think will happen is Kolb will obviously start next week and also week 3, even though Vick will be eligible. However, don’t be surprised if Vick is on the field for more than 50% of the plays.

Anyway, enough football talk. I am sure who ever is reading this who is not a football fan has probably dozed off and smacked their face off of their keyboard by now. After watching the first half of some football at the Sports Cafe, we headed over to the London Bridge to check out the Thames Festival (that I talked about earlier). It was a pretty cool experience, thousands of people drinking and listening to live bands while sitting around bonfires. Also, vendors selling both goods and food lined the Thames River. The finale was a superb fireworks show over the river. It took us some time to get to the festival considering all of the main tube stations were shut down due to construction…I am glad that we went though.

I am not sure if anyone has gone to either Amsterdam or Dublin, but I would love to hear some suggestions on what do if you have. My main man Nicholas has already given me some pubs in Dublin as well as some tours, but what do the rest of you suggest? Any other suggestions on countries I should check out? Your thoughts are greatly appreciated. As always, hope all is well and I miss you all.



p.s. Since I don’t have any pictures for today, I will leave you with this…GET YO’ POPCORN READY!

Get yo' popcorn ready!



  1. EAGLES WIN, EAGLES WIN. The trip was great sunny and in the upper 80’s the whole weekend and not humid. Beats Cincinnati last year where the weather was awful and the birds tied (sorry didn’t mean to bring back a bad memory. Tailgate was great we are now honorary members of The Green Legion. They are an interesting bunch. Vince is looking to get a season pass for tailgating that the Green Legion has every home game at McFadden’s $75.00 for the season and it’s all the food and Miller Lite you can drink each game. Heck more money is spent on beer at one of Vince’s tailgates then he is going to spend for one of the tailgate season tickets. Dublin sounds like a fun trip. The only Dublin I’ve been to is above Doylestown and I know they have a nice Diner and also a State Police Barracks (not that I ever had to visit the barracks).


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