Posted by: londontravels | September 15, 2009

Day 12

Monday we experienced our first rain since being here in London… it was a good run of beautiful days followed by exquisite sunsets, but hey what are you going to do. It wasn’t much, but it was enough to say it rained ha ha. Actually, as I type away it is pouring now ha ha…this better not be the beginning of a streak.

Anyway, Monday was a good day. I woke up extra early to head down to the FIE building where we take our classes to sign up for a few events that are coming up. During our orientation, a paper with a bunch of activities (with a great student rate I might add) was handed out and we were told that sign ups for these events will happen on the 14th of September. So, I thought I’d beat the crowd and get down there around 9:30 AM to sign up (which turned out to pay off because a lot of the events sold out after a few hours). I signed up to see Wicked, to take a ride on the London Eye, and to catch a Premiere League football match. I got all of this for 45 pounds!

According to a few theatre buffs here, the performances are better than Broadway. A girl who saw Grease in New York and also in London said that it was much better here, so we will see. I am sure it depends on what show you see, but I have been wanting to see this show for a while now, so I am just excited to be going.

The London Eye, for the people who don’t know, is a humongous ferris wheel that stands 443 feet tall. It is said to give you the best look of all of London, so that should be exciting as well.

Finally, the football match (the people around here won’t acknowledge you if you say soccer) is a battle between Fulham and Hull City. It is an English Premier League game, so I think that’s good?? I just know the soccer fans here are absolutely crazy and it will be cool to experience their passion.

After signing up for the show, match and London Eye, we had a little field trip to the Orangery for some High Tea. Luckily the Orangery is located in Hyde Park (our front yard) so just  a quick hop, skip and a jump away (yeah, I just said that). Wow, was that cool. The exterior of the building is beautiful, and the inside is even nicer (I posted some pictures below). We first had tea, followed by some cucumber and cream cheese sandwich slices, followed by a raisin biscuit type pastry and jam, followed by more tea and a cake which I think was lemon (or was it orange considering the name of the place?). After we strolled the gardens a bit (also posted below) and checked out the Prince Albert statue (posted) since I didn’t get to take pictures of it before. From what I have seen so far, I think the Prince Albert statue is my favorite structure so far…it’s absolutely breath taking. The four corners are statues of America, Europe, Africa and Asia (or at least what the Europeans pictured the people of each place looked like). If you take a look at the European one below, do you sense a sort of favoritism as well?

After a short nap and shower, we headed over to this student union where the FIE was hosting a welcome conference. It felt like a high school dance but with a bar basically. It was supposed to be a way to meet other FIE students, however, everyone mainly stayed with their group of “friends” they have been with since the beginning of the trip. It was a bit forced, but we got two free drinks and free food so I was down with that.

Okay well, off to class…below are a buttload of pictures of the Orangery and some random snaps that Chris and I took while in Hyde Park. Hope all is well, miss everyone.



Random Thoughts:

Even the shift key on the keyboard is smaller in Europe

All the Pedro haters need to simmer down now.

Kevin Kolb #4, Donovan McNabb #5, Michael Vick #7, Jeff Garcia #6? I’m just saying…

I miss America.

Tom- I promise I will dedicate a post to you that includes bad ass cars.

Anyone associated with Frank Posner and/or Chris Reigg- please let them know that I am checking out a Premiere League match, per their suggestion.

And, for the immature crowd (Scott, Tisin, Uncle Tim, Dad, Uncle Larry) body wash here is called gel douche…unless I purchased the wrong thing…



  1. yes ive heard of fulham. yea it should be a legit match up. live it up, scream like crazy for the home team, learn their chants…. o yea let me know the british perspective on the American Revolutionary War i hear they see it different… sorry i comment a lot.

  2. Great pictures and sound like a great day. Glad to see I am considered among the ranks of the immature. I am in good company. Hope you checked the directions on the “body wash”

  3. Frank, I agree Zac should get the British perspective of the Revolutionary War. When I was in North Carolina and the northern part of South Carolina this past weekend I forgot to ask people their thoughts on the Civil War. I have heard they have a different view on who won. Don’t apologize for commenting too much, keep them coming I enjoy them.

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