Posted by: londontravels | September 17, 2009

Day 15

Today was an off day from school (1 of 5 off days that I get a week ha ha). I woke up and ate some breakfast, took a jog and headed to Notting Hill and Portobello Street with Chris, Andrew and Yrcanis. It is a real nice area that has neat little boutiques, thrift stores, antiques and such. I didn’t end up getting anything, but we did check out this cool little Thai food place. It is oddly located in the back of a pub where you would never realize it was there. The place was covered in greenery and had a real cool setting. After some pad thai and a pint of this really good organic honey beer we headed home. Not much going on tonight so I figured I’d write this a little early. Hope everyone is doing well as always.

Quick notes

To my main man Tom: I posted a picture of a Lamborghini below that is parked on my street. I also had a picture of an Aston-Martin but accidentally deleted it. Don’t worry I will get another one…there is one parked down the street where Winston Churchill used to live ha ha.

Andrew and Nick: I’ve been meaning to take a picture of this rundown bar every time I pass it, but I kept forgetting. Finally, I took it today…I am sure you can figure out what it reminds me of in Dr. Winch’s class.

The rest of the pictures are just from today. Love you guys.



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