Posted by: londontravels | September 19, 2009

Day 16, 17

I finally met some British people. While jogging on Friday a man, who also was jogging, asked if he could jog with me. I obliged (it is always nice to have someone to keep a pace with) and we toured Hyde Park. Although I never got his name, I found out that he was from Chelsea, he had two kids and he is out of work due to their faulty economy (see, America isn’t the only one in the shitter). Then, later that night we decided to check out a pub that was not around us, but in more of a middle-class area. We checked out this place called The Chilled Eskimo. We walked in and their were 4 people in the place…the bartender, the woman that owned the pub, the bartender’s friend and a man that basically lives their (have you ever gotten that awkward feeling when you know you probably shouldn’t be somewhere?). At first, it was all stares but as the night went on we started to engage in some conversations with them and it turned out to be the best night out so far. We talked about America and how the people in the South seem so much nicer than in the North. We talked about Amsterdam and how great of a time it is (I can’t wait!). We talked about the area the pub is in and how the heck we found the place. It was such a cool experience and I definitely would love to make that my pub (oh wait, didn’t already make a pub mine?? haha).

Between jogging with the nameless Chelsean, jobless man with two kids and the Chilled Eskimo, Chris, Ailyn and I checked out the 7/7 (London tube bombings) memorial in Hyde Park. As you can see from the pictures, it is a simple memorial of 52 stainless steel posts (for the 52 that died in the blasts), which were grouped in 4 rows (for the four locations that each bombing occurred). I posted some pictures below from the memorial, including some of the rose garden that we walked through to get there.

As for today (Saturday), our school went to Greenwich via ferry this morning at 9:30 AM. Greenwich is a beautiful place with a ton of history (isn’t every place in London historical?) and to top it all off, it is where the Prime Meridian is located. After our tour, Steve and I toured the area, got a burger at this amazing burger place called the Gourmet Burger Kitchen and admired the Thames River. We toured the Royal Observatory, which stands tall on a gigantic hill where you can see the entire city of London (posted below). It was quite the experience and I am really glad that we decided to go this morning. I took a ton of pictures so I hope everyone enjoys them. Also, I took some video of us sailing under the Tower Bridge (much cooler than the London Bridge…I am glad that damn thing fell down in the nursery rhyme) as well as the view from the Royal Observatory. I am about to go eat some dinner so I shall be talking to you fine people later.

Quick Notes:

Andrew Rubin– The grocery store I use is called Sainbury’s. Their name-brand mini wheats have either raisin, blueberry, or raspberry filling in them…You’d love it.

Tom- Today I saw to Ferrari’s street racing…it was glorious. Also, I posted a picture of a Bentley that I saw parked in Greenwich (more pictures of rad ass cars to come my dude)…Also, a few pictures I took last night while drinking New Castle. Checkity check um.

Love you all,


Copy and Paste these links to see the videos



  1. Great pictures, looked like it was a great day. Very moving pictures of the Tube Memorial. I am sure it was a moving experience.


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