Posted by: londontravels | September 21, 2009

Day 18

Sunday Chris, Natasha and I traveled to Hampstead to checked out a National Trust Fund house called the Fenton House. It was Chris’s idea to check it out and I wasn’t doing anything so I decided to join. While on the way to the tube, we saw Natasha and she tagged along as well. It was pretty neat to see such an old and beautiful house…it makes me wonder if these National Trust Fund houses will be around 400 years from now to show how we lived in the beginning of the 21st century. The house had amazing ceramics, furniture, art and instruments…it seemed like in every room there was a type of piano (they all had different names). Fenton was really cool, but my favorite part was the garden. Laced with apple trees, flowers and waterfalls the garden was beautifully put together and definitely as impressive as the house.

After the Fenton House, we ate lunch at a local pub and then headed home (my request) because the Eagles were starting in an hour. I was really excited to watch them this week, because I didn’t get to see them last week. This week was packed…there was a line outside to get in and there was a 5 pound cover at the door (kinda upset about that considering it was free last week and no line outside). I think the reason for the cover was because soccer started up this week and a lot of the people in London go to watch the matches there. However, the downstairs (where American football is shown) was packed…half of the people were there to see the Saints vs. Eagles, the other half were watching the Patriots vs. Jets. It was a cool atmosphere because cheers are coming from all parts of the building. A soccer goal is scored, the stairs to the second floor start to rumble. The Pats kick a field goal and the back of the first floor is screaming. Jason Avant catches a TD o 3rd and goal and the entire front starts to sing (Fly Eagles, Fly…you know the rest). To my surprise, there were as many (if not more) Saints fans there than Eagles fans. I guess London isn’t only diverse in culture and ethnicity, but in their interest in American football teams as well.

Although the game was pretty much awful, it felt comforting to watch the Birds. I felt like I was sitting in Scott or Tom’s house with 6 of my friends (I just pretended that the 6 people I watched with were Scott, Tom, Rubin, Nick, Tisin…….I’ve run out of friends ha ha). No, it was fun watching with the people I went with, but I wouldn’t mind just going by myself to watch. For some reason, with football, I like to watch alone. I think it is because I usually scream ridiculous things like “FUMBLE!!” OR “BALL!” (dating back to my glory days in football). Or the ever intelligent “GET HIM!!” (like the defender running after the guy with the ball isn’t trying to do that anyway).

Strangely enough, I didn’t walk out of the Sports Cafe feeling upset or frustrated (despite the fact that the typical 3rd and short/4th and goal pass to Brian Westbrook in the flat is still used, but never executed). I walked out with my head high and looking towards the future…because we all know what is coming next week… Get yo’ popcorn ready!

After the game, Chris, Steve, Nora and I were going to check out the Chilled Eskimo, but upon arrival we realized they weren’t even open on Sundays. We walked around to find another place, but Sundays are pretty much dead in London and ended up trying to walk our way home. After realizing we had no idea where we were, we hopped the last tube before 12 and headed home for the night.

I posted some pictures of the gardens and exterior of the Fenton House below (no pictures inside, although I did secretly snap one). Hope you all enjoy. Also, if anyone wants to discuss the slop the Eagles put on the field on Sunday, feel free to e-mail me ( Miss and love you all.





  1. Horrendous is the word Andy Reid used after the game and per usual at his press conference today he said he is to accept total blame for the performance. He is always covering for the team. It was an awful performance from all involved. The game was so bad I wouldn’t have been surprised to hear that you went up stairs and watched the soccer game. No, you would never do that….I thought of you on Sunday, driving to church I picked up a sports show from England on XM, sounded like it was a Soccer pre game show, much like we have the NFL pre-game shows on radio. As you know it takes all of five minutes to get to church so that was the extent of listening to the show. Don’t think I’ll tune in again next week.

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