Posted by: londontravels | September 24, 2009

Day 21

Wednesday was Brick Lane. A diverse, poverty stricken community, Brick Lane is located on the East End of London. Brick Lane is heavily populated with the Indian and Muslim communities and is pretty much the opposite of the West End (literally and figuratively). The purpose of this trip was to show us that not all of London is glamorous and “posh;” however, going to school in North Philadelphia makes Brick Lane look like Manhattan. There are parts that are a bit run down (like any city) but giant buildings are being constructed all along the outskirts of the area. Just like Philadelphia, within a 2 block radius there are run down housing projects and corner stores and then high rises and big businesses. I was interested to see if this was the worst part of the city, so I asked the tour guide and he said other than one other place, this is pretty much the worst. With that said, he then told me that he knows this doesn’t even touch American’s problem with poverty and crime. He said there are around 8.2 million people occupying London and only 600 or so people are murdered every year. An astonishing number if you think about how many people are killed in Philadelphia each year. I really enjoyed this field trip, but it kind of angered me to think about how terrible things are in America when it comes to crime. How come it is so bad? Why can’t we get things under control? Here in London, normal Police Officers on the street do not carry firearms while on duty (the only officers who carry firearms are those in the terrorist squad and the ones who guard the embassies). Can you imagine if that was the case in Philadelphia? There are probably more people on the streets in Philadelphia with firearms than there are London Officers who are actually licensed to carry. It is just disheartening.

Anyway, enough of the negativity…after the tour, we headed to an Indian restaurant on Brick Lane. We were told to order anything we want because it was part of what we had to pay to come here. Our table of 4 definitely cleaned house by ordering two different types of chicken tikka, chicken mandaloo (spelling?), two types of rice, 3 different types of nan, an appetizer that had chicken tikka, beef tikka, one other type of meat that were shaped like sex organs (use your imagination) and prawn doused in curry sauce. Also, each of us ordered mango lasse (basically a smoothie type drink) and some sort of potatoes. One person at our table had a vegetarian plate as well. Some how, we finished it all ha ha.

Later, we headed to the Chilled Eskimo to play some pull and grab a few drinks and then packed it in for the night. Today I think I am just going to take a “me” day. Maybe go see a movie, take a jog, look around some stores…I don’t know. Nothing really planned so I am just going to go with the flow. I posted some pictures of Brick Lane down below as well as some pictures of St. Paul’s Cathedral which was in walking distance. Bye for now!

Quick Notes:

Tom– Got a picture of an Aston Martin that is parked out front of Winston Churchill’s old house. If he was still alive, he would probably rock a AM on dubs.

Andrew, Nick– Check out Pipe Dreams now…symbolic? obscene?!?!

Scott, Uncle Tim- I have come up with a new nickname for myself that I am sure you will enjoy…please check below.

Tisin– two words: Chicken. Tikka.

One more thing…Brad Lidge needs to go…no, seriously it’s time, Charlie. No, no I know he is “your guy” and he helped the Phillies big time in winning a World Series, but this guy is not going to improve. No, Charlie…listen to me, 11 blown saves is unheard of, 7.48 ERA as a closer is unacceptable, an 0-8 record is unimaginative for a closer of a championship caliber team. Brett Myers, Ryan Madson, Jose Mesa, Ricky Bo, Chan Ho on one leg, dig up Tug McGraw, I don’t care who it is…just make it happen.





  1. 600 people murdered a year IN LONDON? that doesn’t sound too correct. I mean, Philadelphia only (in relationship to 600) had 300 last year.

    • there are over 8 million people in London. My man is a tour guide…I have to take his word.

    • I know…it sounds unreal, but it is the truth. p.s. thanks for reading.

  2. just sayin’ 600 ain’t no joke either, maybe Philas ratio is a smidge higher but you’re making us sound like a warzone haha

    • Last year there was a person murdered for 28 straight days last year in Philadelphia…that is not far from a war zone.

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