Posted by: londontravels | September 27, 2009

Day 23, 24

Friday was an extremely uneventful day as far as site seeing. After breakfast and a jog, Claire and I continued working on our project for British Mass Media. I think I posted this before, but our topic is BBC 3 Radio versus classic FM radio. The differences are vast and pretty lopsided, so I guess it won’t be hard to bang this one out. We are trying to get it done in the next couple of days because it is due on the 6th and I am in Amsterdam until the 5th…I am sure my mind won’t be wanting to function very much the night I get back.

After dinner, Chris and I headed to the Chilled Eskimo only to find out that it was closed :-(. A sudden panic hit my heart when I saw it was closed on a Friday night ha ha (other than us, this place doesn’t draw in anyone outside of the neighborhood…so I was nervous that it was on the verge of shutting down). It turned out that not many people were coming in and by 8 o’clock they decided to close shop. We went back Saturday and it was back to normal!

As for Saturday, a group of us took a trip out to Abbey Road to check out the studio and of course the cross-walk from their infamous album. Apparently it was the 40th Anniversary of the album being released in the UK. It was definitely a cool thing to see…Although you can’t walk up to the studio, the pillars in front of the studio have been used as a public chalkboard for the tourists. A tour guide said yesterday that the city re-paints the pillars 6 times a year because people write so much on them. He said that the last time they were painted was 4 weeks ago (check this pictures below just to see how much has been written in the past 4 weeks). I also posted a picture that I found from the Beatles album photo shoot, the pillars I am talking about are right behind Lennon and the white VW Beatle and right behind Harrison on the actual cover…check it!

Probably the most amusing thing is to see crazy tourists trying to get their picture taken while walking across. Abbey Road is an extremely busy road and it is interesting to see the reaction of the drivers who are held up so people can freeze in the middle for a photo opp. Some will holler “Get a life!” out of the window, others will laugh and nicely wave them out into the street. I hope no one is upset that I didn’t get a picture walking across the street.

That’s pretty much all right now…Just  getting super excited about Amsterdam…I am kind of ready to head out of London and see another country. As for today, I am going to try to check out the Sports Cafe and pray that the Birds are on. I don’t really want to pay 5 pounds to get in only to find out that they won’t be on :-(. I have been receiving e-mails from a lot of people regarding the blog and I am SO happy that people are reading it…it really means a lot. Miss you all!





  1. Hi, We just love reading you’re blog. Your Mom gave your address so I’ll drop you a line. You are so lucky having this oppertunity to see all this. Pop said Cobb & Jackson looked great they completly dominated the whole team was exceloent. Phills finally won, it’s down to 3 hopefully it will be sewed up, let’s pray. We miss and luv you. Grams

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