Posted by: londontravels | September 28, 2009

25, 26

I think it is so interesting that two countries that are so culturally similar can be so vastly different too. Of course I am speaking of the United States of America and the Great Britain…and of course I am talking about roller skating ha ha. I am not talking about inline skating or even the skating where you grind off rails and listen to ska music (both are equally frowned upon in the US and both are equally as uncool ha ha)…I am talking about the quad wheels with the break in the front and the puffy socks around the ankles. Sunday I was reading by the Serpentine when a gang of roller skaters “skatedanced” (this is definitely not what it is called, but I am going to call it that for now on hence the quotes) past me with a boom box blaring some European rave music. At first I smirked a little and then realized that I am in a different country and people do things differently over here. But, nearly 10 minutes later the same “skatedance” gang came whizzing by again, but with an added member. The most recently acquired man to the arsenal was wearing this sweet ass (not really) beaded necklace, no shirt and his briefs hanging out of his boxers like he was a  model for Calvin Klein in the 90’s. This time I looked around to see other people’s reactions and they were equally as intrigued as mine. This wasn’t the last or second to last time they “skatedanced” past me,  a new solider added to the army each and every time passed. Now, I try not to judge…but this to me is something that is no longer cool…now that I think of it, I don’t think it was ever cool. It is one thing to roller blade from point A to B, or even roller blade for fun…It was kinda cool back in the day to “speed-skate” but that quickly wares off when you are 13 or 14. To skate around a park with 6 or 7 other shirtless men holding a boom box on your shoulder can NOT be cool…I won’t allow it ha ha.

Okay enough of my bantering…these past couple days I was finally able to get some “me” time in. On Sunday, I woke up around 10:30, ate some breakfast and headed over to Hyde Park to do some reading by the Serpentine. The Serpentine is a man-made (or at least I think it is man-made) lake that is in the middle of Hyde Park where people go rowing and paddle boating and such. I spent about an hour there reading and being distracted by funny looking shirtless “skatedancers” ha ha. After, I walked over to the Natural History Museum and spent a few hours there. Extremely beautiful and extremely free, the Natural History Museum is just around the corner from my flat. It is located right next to the Science Museum and I can definitely say it is cooler than the Science Museum. At night, Chris, Adam and I headed over to Hyde Park for a walk. Little did I know, we were about see the most beautiful sunset of all time (I forgot to bring my camera dammit! Don’t worry Chris brought his…picture is below).  Went to bed early to get a head start on Monday :-).

Monday was a very productive day for me. I woke up at 9 AM and headed over to Covent Garden to check it out. Covent Garden is a neat little part of London that has a bunch of ritzy shops in little alleys and mews that are waaaay to expensive for my taste…but it was still cool to see. After, I planned on taking the tube to Trafalgar Square; however, after walking through one of the alleys in Covent Garden, I stumbled upon it (I knew it was pretty close, but not that close!). There I sat by the fountains and then headed into the National Gallery. The National Gallery was pretty neat…works from Van Gogh, Picasso, Rembrandt, Monet, Manet among many others are stretched through 50 different rooms. I definitely like looking at art, but I feel like some people can sit there for hours and stare at one painting. After about 50 seconds I have seen what I needed to see and I move on.

After the National Gallery, I stumbled upon the Horse Guards Parade which is the area where the changing of the guard takes place. Unfortunately I missed the changing of the guard by a few hours, but I did get to see some guards who are perched outside of the Parade with their horses from 10 AM to 4 PM daily. Again, I forgot my camera! But, I am going to talk Chris in to going with me again to snap some good photos (don’t worry Mimi I will get a picture of one of the guards!). By this time, I was getting hungry and decided to call it a day. I headed back to the flat grabbed some lunch and was going to start this blog. But, when I went to open my door, Steve left a small note on the door that read: Roof Garden 99 High Street 3-5 PM. With out hesitating, I headed up to High Street to locate the Roof Garden (I remember on our walking tour where the lady said it was). Apparently you gain access into the garden only by asking the receptionist at the desk…I am guessing between the times 3 and 5 it was open to the public. I got up there hoping to find Steve, but I didn’t…however, I remembered my camera and took some pictures. The Roof Garden is not just a garden but a club/bar/restaurant at night that Prince Harry supposedly goes to frequently.

All in all, Sunday and Monday were good days. I got in some alone time, I got in some European culture with the gallery, museum and shirtless “skatedancing” and I got to check out just a little bit more of London. Well, I am headed off to the park for a jog. Happy Yom Kippur to all of the Jewish readers…sorry that the fast ends 5 hours early here ha ha! Love you all 🙂





  1. Hi Sweetie, It sounds like you are having a ball. I didn’t know my first born was so cultured. When you come home we must go to the museum together. Your photos are fantastic!Have you checked out where Harrods is located? You know Covent Garden is where Eliza Doolittle sold her violets. I couldn’t help myself. You must be soooo excited about going to Amsterdam in just a couple of days.Hopefully we will talk before you leave.
    Love you!Miss you!

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