Posted by: londontravels | October 1, 2009

27, 28

Tuesday was a school day; however, school is not what we did. In the morning our class took a trip to the BBC which was a bit underwhelming, but I enjoyed seeing the most prominent news source in the world. One thing that I found interesting is that, unlike most American news stations, the BBC’s anchors are trained journalists who write all of their own scripts. To my knowledge, the producer writes the script in most American news sources. Another thing that I have learned while over here is that TV, radio and the internet are NOT funded by advertising, but by a yearly fee that everyone in Great Britain pays to the BBC. When watching any of the BBC’s you won’t see any outside advertisements other than plugging shows coming up  BBC. The BBC studios are even loaned out to the other stations in the UK, making the BBC a total monopoly (imagine Comcast but like 100 times bigger). We got to see two separate studios, heard some dirt about certain American celebrities (apparently Jennifer Lopez has caused a ruckus within the BBC…she has refused to come to London for a shoot because she figured it be more convenient for the BBC to fly to NYC. But, when she did come to the BBC for an appearance, she wasn’t satisfied with the ordinary green room at that can hold 50 people, nor was she thrilled about the bigger green room that had a capacity of 100 people. Finally, although she wasn’t too happy with the conference room they gave her that could hold 200 people, she took it and asked for the entire room to be gutted and replaced with all white carpets, curtains, wallpaper, etc.) as well as got to play our own little version of the Weakest Link at the end. It is pretty amazing how humongous the BBC actually is. It kind of reminded me of a huge hospital with various departments, room, coffee stands and gift shops…kind of bizarre.

After the BBC, we had a little break and then headed to Travel Writing class for our first flaneuring field trip. To refresh your memories, a “flaneur” is a person who basically people watches. A flaneur wanders, observes objectively and writes down his/her thoughts. Well, our first destination was to just sit by the River Thames and people watch by a pub. It is pretty cool when you clear your mind and just observe what people are doing. We started around 6:30, so it was right after work…People were either in a rush to catch public transportation, pouring into the pub for an after work drink, strolling to dinner or jogging (one thing I observed is that the majority of people who jog here wear book bags while running…odd).

Then, we headed to the Cross Bones Graveyard (spooooooookkkkyyyyy). It actually is now just a slab of concrete that is owned by a water company that used to serve as a place where dead prostitutes and their children were buried centuries ago. Now, although it is just a slab of concrete, a makeshift memorial was made by people who hang different ribbons and witchcraft items on an old rickety fence that blocks the street from the water company. I am glad we went at night, because it gave it more of an eerie feeling than if it were during the day. All in all, I think I flaneured the shit out of the day…so, mission accomplished.

Wednesday was just an ordinary school day. In the morning we had our Special Topics class where we discussed more topics about what we should interview British people about. I think I am going to go to the Chilled Eskimo and interview the owner, Maureen, to find out how it is to own a pub for 25 years in the heart of London. Also, one of the normal Eskimo goers named Chris, would be another great interview considering he has been going their since it opened. I am sure I could get some great experiences out of them.

After class, I talked my friend Lauren into cutting my hair for me and she did so. It doesn’t look bad at all…chickity check it!

My New Haircut ha ha

Later, I had British Cinema where we watched Sing As We Go. A 1940’s film about the British Depression and how one woman, Gracie Fields, went from every day mill worker, to various different odd jobs back to the mill, but as a manager. It was sort of funny, but extremely hard to understand due to the quality and the cockney British accent. Another school week down, only about 9 more to go (that’s like 20 more classes ha ha). Anyway, that’s all from me…I haven’t gone out all week so I am thinking of rounding some people and checking out a place called the Social. The Social is a pretty cool place that plays some awesome music…I had a blast last time I went. Okay friends talk to you soon.

Quick Notes:

Nick– “Cosmic Love” was the background music for a BBC One commercial for a made-for-TV movie called Emma

Andrew– Loved your e-mail last night.

Sean– As always, loved your e-mail last night.

Chris- the Cooper will be the shot of choice tonight 😉



Oh yes, one more thing…HOW ABOUT THOSE PHILS BAAAAAABBBYYYY!!!!!!!????? (Thank you to Mimi for being the first one to notify me about their 3rd straight NL East Championship)



  1. I didn’t realize Mimi was such a Phillies fan! I know you were probably asleep when the win took place. I promise when they win the pennant I will be the first to contact you, just like last year when you called me at midnight so excited that they won. You were ecsatic! Hopefully a repeat this year! Nice hair cut…A little gel and you will be real GQ!

    • ha ha thank you…I hopefully will be able to watch the games at the Sports Cafe, but if not I expect a phone call/e-mail.

      A little bit of gel douche? ha ha

  2. Nice hair…you look Hooooottttt!!!

  3. Love your haricut! They are going to love you in Ireland!
    Love, Mimi

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