Posted by: londontravels | October 2, 2009

29, 30

This time tomorrow, I will be in Amsterdam.

Tomorrow morning’s itinerary:

-Wake up around 1:50 AM

-Take a shower

-Eat some breakfast

-Catch the bus to Baker Street

-Catch the bus to Stansted Airport at 3:10 AM

-Arrive at Stansted around 4:25 AM

-Flight 3001 leaves Stansted Airport at 7:00 AM

-Arrive in Amsterdam, Netherlands at 9:05 AM

Should be an interesting next 12 hours or so…

As for Thursday, Andrew and I took a trip to the Stockwell tube station. To refresh your memory, the Stockwell tube station is where Jean Charles de Jiminez was wrongfully shot in the head 7 times by the British Police after thinking he was a terrorist that failed to detonate bombs on a tube days before. Every tube station I have been in there has been hundreds of people running around tryong to find the right line to get on. Here though, the station was very quiet…it was quite eerie. There is a makeshift memorial that sits directly to the right of the tube station entrance that is filled with letters, protest posters and pictures of di Jiminez (pictures below).

At night we thought we’d check out a bar/club called the Social…free entry and hip hop karaoke. We went on a Friday night during the first week and it was a blast. We figured it’d be fun to go and get our dance on, no one would have the balls to get up and do karaoke let alone rap karaoke. However, we walk in and there is a line around the corner for people to go downstairs to where the karaoke was going on…the place was at maximum capacity ha much for that. We finally got in and it was fun for about an hour, but then I started to get sweaty and hearing drunk British people trying to rap is a bit irritating. All in all though, it was a pretty fun atmosphere…just wish I coulda got my dance on :-(.

Today (Friday) I pretty much just caught up on my project and packed for Amsterdam.

My bag consists of:



-2 pairs of socks

-2 pairs of underwear

-2 shirts



-6 nutri-grain bars

(You think I am roughing it for a few days?? My roommate, Steve, is taking a 12 hour ferry to Amsterdam and living on the streets…???)

This is going to be such an experience…I doubt I will shower, I plan on living off of nutri-grain bars for the next couple of days and I am sure sleep will be minimal…but I can’t wait.

Well, I have a few things to finish up before I hit the sack for the night (who am I kidding, I doubt I will get any sleep). I will catch up with everyone on Monday or Tuesday with some pictures and hopefully some awesome G rated stories (ha ha). Love you guys.



Quick Notes:

Nicholas- Just entered a raffle to win tickets for the BBC Electric Proms where two short films will be released that are based off of a song (don’t know what song) by Metronomy (never heard of them) and Florence + the Machine’s “Dog Days.” Both bands will be playing at the release as well…Hope I win!

Uncle Larry- Had an Amstel for you last night…I definitely think that it tastes better here in London, but I am sure in Amsterdam it is even better…I will get back to you on that one.



  1. hostels aren’t like teepee’s you do have the ability to shower haha. have a blast and be sure to eat more than just nutrigrain bars. best of luck with the Flo show too bad you won’t be in amsterdam on the 8th bc the machine will be there. they are playing a gig in NY at the end of the month and i’d look into going if i had a friend who loved music

  2. ps at this point in your trip my trip was a day from being over. congrats on having more than 2/3 left

  3. Zac …Have a great time! And please … eat more than just nutri-grain bars!!! Be safe … have fun … enjoy! We love you!
    Mimi and Pop-Pop

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