Posted by: londontravels | October 9, 2009

Day 36

Most overrated attraction in the world: The London Eye. But before I get to that, let’s talk about Thursday. The other day I found this student organization called International Student House (a.k.a ISH) where they give any student from any country the opportunity to travel with their club for very good discounted prices (50% off!). After looking through the brochure, a couple trips caught my eye and I went to ISH yesterday to book them. Those trips are (drum-roll please) a day trip to Wales and a weekend trip to Venice! I have been told that Venice is the most beautiful, unique city in the world…mainly because there are no roads, but canals for travel. Everyone from the mail man to the police to the daily work commute is done by boat. This trip includes travel to airport, airfare, 3 night’s stay in a hotel that is right out side of the Piazza San Marco, breakfast, 1 group meal at the end, guided tours and entry into the Peggy Guggenheim & Galleria dell’ Accademia. Sounds like a good deal to me. As for the day trip to Wales, it includes coach travel, entrance to Tintern Abbey, stops in Gloucester and Chepstow, and tour guide. So, right now my lineup includes Dublin and Rome (in 2 weeks), Wales (Nov. 8th), Paris (for my birthday) and Venice the next week. I don’t know about you, but to me that sounds like a pretty gnarly ass line-up…I think this line-up might be able to beat the Yankees.

There are two more potential places that I’d really like to go to, which include Scotland and Prague. I would love to go to Scotland for obvious reasons (Mimi and Pop-pop any advice?) and Prague basically because I found a travel book of Prague in my hostel in Amsterdam…I feel like it’s an omen. Scotland could most likely be a day trip, although I would love to stay in a nice family owned bed & breakfast or something while there. Planning for these trips all depend on sufficient funds of course, so I might just wait a little bit before checking into it.

As for the London Eye, I am not totally knocking it. It is the biggest ferris-wheel type structure in the world and it is right on the Thames River and right across from Parliament/West Minster Abbey/Big Ben. This is all and well, however, after those three famous buildings, there isn’t much else to see (structural-wise) in London. I feel like there are 100+ more cities in the world that should have a giant wheel in the sky before London, but that is just me. To tell you the truth, I thought the view from the Observatory at Greenwich was MUCH more breath-taking and it was free ha ha. Andrew and I got our tickets through FIE (the program that we are in) so they were heavily discounted. if I paid full price for it, I think I would be a little more upset. I posted some pictures from the London Eye below. Sorry the pictures are a  little sketchy…I was in a giant bubble, in the sky, during dusk…sue me lol.

Today it looks like I am just going to go for a jog and then try to hit up the science museum again. As I stated in an earlier post, I attempted to check out the science museum before, but was unsuccessful for a few reasons. 1) I don’t like gong to museums with a group of people…everyone goes at a different pace and you find yourself rushing through everything and not processing any of the information you are ingesting. 2) the group of people I went with didn’t seem to be the museum type. 3) I personally wasn’t in the mood to walk through a museum ha ha. So, I am going to motivate myself and check it out alone and hope I get something more out of it this time around. Well, that’s it for now…thank you for all of your well wishes after Amsterdam…it feels good to be back in my temporary home.



p.s. That Phillies game was excruciating last night, wasn’t it? I understand Cole was in a tough spot with his wife going in to labor and such, but for some reason I feel like that guy has lacked focus all year. It seems like he always has some sort of excuse: he can’t go on more or less than 5 days rest, he can’t pitch during the day, it’s because the Phillies don’t have a chiropractor in the clubhouse, wa, wa, wa, wa. I’ll give him a pass this time, but if it comes down to either game 5 or the next series, no more excuses (if they make it that far).

As for Charlie pitching both Happ and Blanton in Game 2…a little bit of head-scratching move considering both are candidates to start game 3. I understand that both only threw like 10-12 pitches so they should be ready to go regardless, but doing that is risky considering Happ got pelted with a ball. I heard he is going to be okay, but it still is something that doesn’t make too much sense. I’d like to see Happ go in game 3 because the Rockies are lefty heavy and I think Happ could really hide the ball against them.

It wasn’t like the Phillies couldn’t hit the ball yesterday, they just couldn’t get those timely hits like they did (minus the 6th inning) in game 1. I don’t know how many times the Phils got their first guy of the inning on base and then hit into a double play immediately after that…very frustrating. But whatever, they aren’t going to win them all. Before I wrap up my meaningless Phillies breakdown, does anyone else think that Yorvit Torreabla is the ultimate Phillies killer??? That guy hits .240 every year (this year is an exception hitting .291) but when he faces the Phillies the past 3 years he hits .400 and gets timely hits. I am actually surprised that he isn’t a former Phillie…usually only the former Phils kill them (i.e. Wes Helms). Okay that’s enough…I’d love to hear what others think…feel free to discuss….toodles!



  1. Hope you enjoy the Science Museum this time around. I also like to read everything when I go to a museum or exhibit. People I am with are usually way ahead of me waiting for me to get done. I like to get my money’s worth. As for the Phils Cole Hamels is a head case, but most left handed pitchers are. Look at Steve Carlton, he had his quirks but was a great pitcher. He is going back to Colorado for the series, yesterday he wasn’t sure. He has to get back in focus or it will be a short post season for the Phils, if he is there ace he needs to act like an ace. Weather in Denver this morning was 19 degrees and snowing. Hoping for a postponement and playing tomorrow and Monday. That will leave no off day and knowing TV they will schedule the Phils for the late game on Monday and the first game on Tuesday, especially if the Yankees are still in it, TV loves them for prime time. What was Charlie thinking having Cliff Lee run? I know he needed players off the bench in case it went extra innings but what if Lee had the chance to score would he slide and risk breaking an ankle or try to barrel the catcher over? If you do watch the game TV try not to listen to the announcers. Network guys who don’t know the teams and try to sound like they do throwing in different personal comments about the players. I’d turn down the sound but there is the delay plus Tom McCarthy is doing the middle innings and I still can’t take him and Sarge. Wheeler is doing some innings and though he gets on my nerves he is kind of growing on me after all these years. Don’t know if you have watched any of the other series but eh umpiring has been pretty lame, missed calls in the field and the strike zones vary from inning to inning but both teams are getting the lame calls. The behind the plate umpiring resembles that of Valley A.A. where the umps want the players to put the bat on the ball so they just don’t stand there. (That comment is for all you guys who have participated in Valley Baseball).Balls are well off the plate and the call a strike, the next inning or even batter the same pitch will be a ball. If this is the cream of the crop of umpires then I wonder what it will be like as the playoffs progress to the world series. With the way this series is going, a split in Colorado and back to Philly for an exciting game 5.

    • Great analysis, Pops. I did notice how terrible the national commentators are. Game 1, the color commentator said the Phillies are a team that don’t beat themselves…Excuse me, but didn’t the Phillies blow 22 games this season? Obviously they aren’t going to win them all, but there were a plethora of times that Brad Lidge shouldn’t have been in the game but was. I have noticed the shoddy calls behind the plate as well as in the field.

  2. Hope you don’t mind me eavesdropping — but I enjoy the conversations you and your Dad have re: the B.B. Series. You two sure do get into it. I think it is neat! Now that the series is down to the nitty gritty with our Phillies doing so well — I have taken an interest and have been watching the games with great interest. Ryan Howard is my boy! Tonight’s game #4 was exciting!

    I like your new site. The white background is easier to read. I am glad I figured out the “comment” bit. I am with the program now!!!

  3. I hope you do get to Scotland. Your Great Grandmother and Grandfather Taylor and many of their relatives came from Glasgow Town. Some of Pop-Pops cousins here in the USA still have contact with them. I will do some research to see if I can get any definite info for you and maybe you could track them down.

    • That would be great! My Dad also said to contact Nora.

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