Posted by: londontravels | October 11, 2009

37, 38

Well, second attempt at the Science Museum was equally as brutal. I don’t know if it is because most of Science sails right over my head or if I just don’t possess the attention span to ingest a ton of information about rockets and atoms and plastic and energy. I think I take after my Dad and enjoy the historical aspects of things rather than how they work. Afterwards, I headed over to the International Student House to pay for my trip to Wales on the 8th of November…nothing too exciting on Friday ha ha.

On Saturday, Chris and I headed to Tottenham Square and Covent Gardens for Chris was looking to invest in a tripod for his camera. There are dozens of electronic stores that are all right next to eachother and all trying to sell their product at the cheapest possible figure. Chris, being the businessman that he is, got the salesman to sell him a tripod that was originally priced at 40 pounds for 25 pounds (as long as it was in cash…not bad). Other than electronic stores, there are a ton of coffee shops, pubs and other places of shopping. I was looking for a sporting good store to buy some long pants for jogging in the winter. I found a store that was going out of business that had everything on sale from 30% to 90%. I found a pair of running pants for 8 pounds there! The place was mobbed and smelled like onions and kitty litter, but I got what I came for :-).

Not too much happened at night. We all vowed to have a great night and check out some places of entertainment, but it turned out that only 2 of us actually kicked off our night with some after dinner drinks (Lauren and I) and the rest didn’t do anything…kind of dissapointing. So, we ended up trying to hit up the Eskimo, but it was hosting a private party and ended up just hanging out at our flat. Oh well.

I just finished up some homework and now I am just waiting for the Eagles to come on. I am hoping that I can figure out a way to stream them over the internet ( I feel like anything is possible on the internet anymore) so I don’t have to go anywhere and pay money to see them. Also, I am gearing myself up to watch the Phillies Game 3 at 3 AM tomorrow morning…can’t wait 🙂

Well, not too much to report from here. Kind of a down weekend. I hope you guys enjoy the new lay out of the blog…I figured I’d brighten it up a bit! Talk to you all later.

Quick Notes:

Tom– I found a place in Covent Garden that doesn’t sell anything but Nike SB products. I’ll send you a picture.





  1. do they haggle in london a lot? i know places outside the us dont really have fixed prices like we do.

    • oh yeah…especially where we were lol

  2. Make sure you wash those new sweat pants before running. Don’t want to smell like onions and kitty litter while running. No one will want to run with you plus you may be attacked by stray cats. Ha! Next museum check out a historical one, I agree science is over my head, but put me in a historical museum and you won’t find me for days….Good Eagles win…How about those Phils…I made it until 1:30 tied 5-5. Umpiring and coverage continues to be lackluster and not just in the Phils-Rockies series. If you watched last night I think it was Phils game but they were putting up shots that were actually meant to be the next shot. I got dizzy as the camera panned across the stadium going from out filed to first base dugout. I know that’s not the shot they wanted. I have seen better camera work on Owl Network back in the day (Class of 2006). Glad to night is an early start 6:00, only 11:00 for you.

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