Posted by: londontravels | October 13, 2009

39, 40

Sunday and Monday blended together. It all started with the Eagles on at 6 PM here, a great win I might add, and continued into the night with the Phillies on at 3 AM. I know, I know pretty pathetic that I sat up from 3 AM until 7:30 AM watching the Phillies. But, I have this wonderful opportunity to watch the Phillies in the playoffs, while in Europe and I wouldn’t pass that up for anything. Oh yeah, one more thing…I paid for it so I was definitely going to watch ha ha. I also must say that if the Phillies lost that game I would have been pretty upset about wasting 4 and half hours of precious sleep.

After the game I slept for a few hours, went to the Student International House to pay for my trip to Venice (woo!) and then headed to a new building that has just been opened at the Natural History Museum called, The Darwin Center (or the Cocoon due to its circular, cocoon-ish shape). The Darwin Center is a pretty neat interactive museum that is mainly geared towards kids that has millions and millions of different species of all sorts of mammals, insects, etc. At one point you walk up to an exhibit and there is a scientist sitting on the other side of a window preparing a plant to be put on display in the museum. You are able to go up to a microphone and ask the scientists questions. Either this is a really neat feature to see an actual scientist at work or it is a really weird feature where they cage up a scientist and force him to answer questions from less intelligent tourists ha ha…one or the other.

After the Darwin Center I came back home, took a short nap and then headed to the grocery store with Steve. (Mom, you would be proud of this next part…) Steve and I have been strategically planning and experimenting tirelessly to come up with an amazing recipe for turkey chili. After hours and hours (exaggeration) of preparation and brain storming, I believe we have the correct formula (we actually don’t know if it is the correct formula or even an edible dish because we haven’t eaten it yet…it is currently sitting in the slow cooker, in the middle of a 10 hour slow cook period). Various beans, peas, corn, spices, spinach, onions, garlic and the most important ingredient, minced turkey are currently overflowing the slow cooker and creating an aroma so exquisite that the people three floors up are asking for us to allow them to sample it (I think). If our concoction turns out to be as wonderful as it sounds, I will be sure to post our recipe later (this is specifically for you Mom, so when I come home you can make it 🙂 ).

Later, I watched game 4 of the NLDS (thankfully not 3 AM, but 11 PM) and was very happy with the outcome of that contest. Although I didn’t hit the sack until 3 AM due to these playoff games being over 4 hours (what’s up with that?!), the come from behind victory is huge in many ways. The obvious reason is because now the Phils have 2 days off to regroup and get to LA. Secondly, instead of going to LA with Joe Blanton or J.A. Happ or Pedro Martinez starting the series off, Cole Hamels will be on the mound for game one against former Phillie, Randy Wolf (that guy still doesn’t scare me). Hamels, who I gave a pass last game due to his wife being in labor, should have no excuses this time around. He is in California (his home), he is pitching at night (Cole hates day games) and his wife has already popped out the baby…he should be good to go. It is interesting because the Phillies last year won the World Series due to exceptional pitching (something the Phillies always seem to be sub-par at) and not because of their potent offense. This year though, the pitching hasn’t been bad (not like last year though) but the timely hitting with runners in scoring position and two outs has really pushed this team to the next level (or round). I don’t know if the hitting with runners in scoring position will continue, but if it does I won’t be surprised if the Phillies take this series in 6 (that is my prediction).

Anyway, once again, I have gotten off on a sports tangent…my bad. Not much going on today and tomorrow other than class, but I will be sure to post later on in the week. Check out the pictures of the Darwin Center I posted below. Talk to you soon.





  1. How did the chili come out? Can’t wait for the recipe!
    Love Mom

    • Mom,
      Chili came out well. A bit soupy, almost like a gumbo, but it tastes pretty awesome. We made a whole lot so it should hold me over for the week!

  2. Zac … Your chili sounds delicious. I can almost smell it from here. Let me know how the spinach works out. I love spinach — one of my favorite veggies! I think your chili will be the first to contain Popeye’s staff of life.

    Luv, Mimi

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