Posted by: londontravels | October 16, 2009

41, 42, 43

Tuesday and Wednesday was nothing special. Both days I had class, both days were uneventful. However, I just returned from seeing Wicked which was pretty damn good. I didn’t really know what to expect, but I think it is cool how they twist the story to where the witch from the West is actually kind hearted. For those of you who don’t know the story, it basically shows how the wicked witch became that way and how she actually tried to do good in Oz, but it was the wizard as well as other people who were doing some behind the scenes bad things. I thought it was going to tie more into the book/film Wizard of Oz, but it really didn’t at all. I don’t want to ruin anything, but there are some twists in the musical that doesn’t match up with the book/film. Overall though it was a fine musical. The set was amazing, the costumes were very cool and the dancing and such was pretty good. The music was also quite good. A few flaws were some of the singing seemed to be a bit flat at times and the actor that played Fiyero was a horrendous dancer, but made up for it with his singing. I have heard that West End performances are equivalent to Broadway shows, but for some reason I think this show would be better in New York…maybe I am just biased.

It is about 12:39 AM London time and I am just loading up on tea, trying to stay up for this Phillies game…it’s going to be a long night. I was reading the NLCS Preview in the Daily News and the writer, Paul Hagen, gave the Dodgers the edge in the starting rotation. I don’t know what all of you baseball fans think about that, but when I saw the names Vicente Padilla and Randy Wolf being ranked above Cliff Lee and Cole Hamels, I got a little perturbed. Don’t get me wrong, Randy Wolf is an adequate pitcher and when Padilla is on he can be a decent pitcher as well and I know that the Dodgers also have Clayton Kershaw and Hiroki Kuroda, but I would take Cliff Lee and Cole Hamels (regardless of his sub-par season) over any of those guys…I’m sorry. Not to mention the Philllies have a guy named Pedro Martinez who is probably top 10 greatest pitchers of his time. In reality, I am older than Clayton Kershaw and he has a lot of growing up to do. Hiroki Kuroda hasn’t pitched in weeks and is coming off of the injury list. You never know what you are getting with Padilla and Randy Wolf, despite his awesome year, doesn’t scare me. 6 years ago we had those clowns on our city’s team…now they are in the NLCS and better than 2 former Cy Youngs and an NLCS and World Series MVP? I don’t think so…Anyway, go Phils…time for me to watch. Love to hear your thoughts. Talk to you all later.



p.s. I just wanted to post this picture of my cousin Jeff dressed up as Michael Jackson when he was younger. Jeff now has 2 kids and a wife…that’s right, he painted his skin black and did the Thriller dance…my hero. Cousin Stacy plays the part of what Michael Jackson always wanted to be, a little white girl :-).

M.J. before he wanted to be a little white girl



  1. How politically incorrect is that picture. Does Jeff know how much of a bru-ha-ha he would cause if he sent Noah or Caleb out dressed like that this Halloween. I must admit it’s a great costume, something I definitely would have worn in my trick or treat days.

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