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44, 45

We are coming up on the end of the first half, my friends. This upcoming Thursday will be officially the 50th day of my trip and the beginning of the end ha ha…that sounded so negative. I calculated the other day that we are here for exactly 100 days…pretty surreal that the half way point is in reaching distance. Anyway, Friday night was a pretty lazy day/night. During the day I went out and bought a book for my Travel Writing class called, Blood River. It is the travel writings of a former Africa war correspondent who decided to travel to the Congo, one of the deadliest places in the world. I haven’t gotten to the part as to why he is taking this trip, but it was a best-seller so I am sure there is a good reason behind it ha. Later, I finished up the Kensington Ale Trail (I don’t think I explained what the Ale Trail is, so I shall do so now: The Kensington Ale Trail is a pub crawl across four different pubs in Kensington where you purchase at least one beer at each pub and at the end of the trail you receive a prize). Some may call it sad or depressing that I finished the Ale Trail alone, (big deal! It was only two pubs!) I call it awesome (and I am sure some others will agree (Scott, Tom and I definitely know you think it is cool, Tisin)).

At night, I went to conduct my first interview for my class called London Studies: Special Topics; however, the person that I wanted to interview wasn’t available. Let me explain: my topic is the Chilled Eskimo, the pub I have been going to regularly. I want to interview the owner of the pub, Maureen to gain some experiences that she has had from owning a pub for over 22 years. The Chilled Eskimo really only caters to locals who have lived in the area for years, only because it is a bit in the middle of nowhere. So, I plan on interviewing Maureen as well as a guy named Chris that goes there pretty much every single night. He lives right around the corner and lives and dies by the Eskimo ha. Anyway, the Eskimo has private parties on Saturdays and they sometimes close early on Friday nights to set up. Well, last night was one of those nights; Maureen wasn’t available because there was a baby shower going on Saturday. My interview is due Wednesday, so I will have to go back next (most likely Tuesday) to get my first interview done.

I was kind of happy that Maureen wasn’t there because that meant I could come home and catch the entire Phillies game! What a gem Pedro Martinez pitched. Frankly, I am not too sure why Charlie pulled Pedro since he really showed no signs of fatigue, but sometimes Charlie does some head scratching moves that turn out to be for the better; this instance, was NOT one of those moves. As most of you probably know, the 8th inning turned into a shit show (excuse my language, Mimi) and in the end the Phillies squandered a 1-0 lead going in the 8th. For some reason, I wasn’t terribly upset because the Phils did take one in LA which is ultimately the goal when you are away in the playoffs. But, for some reason I have a sick feeling in my stomach that they needed to steal that game. I don’t know why, but I think it is because of the state of the bullpen. There really isn’t one guy that you can depend on in there and that is something scary this deep into it. Anyway, they are bringing it home and Cliff Lee will be on the mound…let’s hope he keeps up what he has been doing so far in the playoffs.

After accepting the fact that the Phillies lost, I hit the sack a bit early because Saturday was a action-packed day at Stonehenge and Bath. Stonehenge, said to be one of the Seven Wonders of the World (google that, might have just lied to you), was exceptionally cool. Although you aren’t able to go up and touch the stones, you can get pretty close. Also, the area where it is, is awesome…it was really nice to be able to see the country side of Britain after being in the city for the past month and a half. Sheep and cows are grazing all around the stones and the weather was wonderful.

As for Bath, I was extremely ignorant to what it actually was. A small city along the countryside of Britain, Bath is where the Roman’s constructed these beautiful buildings with hot springs in the middle of them for bathing and other activities. There is a lot more to it, but that is mainly what the city is known for. We took a tour of the Bath Museum, where the hot springs were located in the middle of the building; however, there were WAAAY too many people there to get any thing out of the tour. I basically looked at all of the different things and got to the end as quickly as I could. I did this for two reasons: 1) like I said, way too many people in a small space and I wasn’t in the touristy mood to listen to the audio guide as well as read everything around me while being elbowed and nudged by other tourists and 2) because I was very close to gnawing off my fingers due to my hunger pains. As many of you know, when I am hungry I get a bit moody, a little tired and just down right awnry…nothing, not even dirty Roman hot springs, will stand in the way of my food :-).

I posted pictures of both places below…I hope you enjoy them. Also, Chris took a few pictures as well so I shall post them too. Not much going on tomorrow other than Eagles and Phillies (God, I am such a loser), but Monday I will be experiencing my first Football match! Look out for a post on that! Anyway, miss all you suckas…not getting home sick yet, but definitely thinking of you all…a lot ha ha. Have a nice rest of the weekend :-).



Quick Notes:

Tisin- on the way home from Stonehenge and Bath I saw a Smith Glaxsko and Kline (spelling?) building…made me think of your sexy ass…oh yeah, guess what the national food of Britain is according to my professor??? Curry! And Chicken Tikka is a huge dish over here…God save the Queen.



  1. going into the game, charlie stated he wanted pedro’s pitch count to be between 70-85, considering he is 100 years old and hasn’t pitched in 17 days. in the top of the 8th we had a runner on and 1 out and pedro due up, in a one run ball game on the road, we’ve got to try and secure the lead and not send Pedro up there to sacrifice. Could have pedro pitched a better 8th than what we ended up getting? Maybe. But we got 7 scoreless out of him and it should have been enough. blame our bats, blame madson, blame utley, but i can’t blame charlie on this one.

    • totally had this awesome response to your comment and somehow lost it unsaved…we will discuss tomorrow.

    • p.s. FOX coverage is so much cooler than TBS (Yankees vs. Angels) ha ha

    • p.s. the Yankees and the Angels are so much better than the Phillies…I am just saying.

  2. Sunday Evening — The Phillies are HOT tonight! The game did not start until 8 pm. The score at 10:30 was 8-0 Phillies with about 4 more innings to go. Pop-Pop and I went to bed feeling confident that the Phillies were the winners.

    FLASH — Just heard it on the radio —

    PHILLIES WIN! 11 to 0

    • Mimi,

      Thanks for the update! I actually have been watching online, so I have been able to see all of the games. I also went to bed this morning (3 AM) being confident that Cliff Lee could get the job done after being up 8-0. Two more wins and they are back to the World Series! Who would have thunk it?! I remember going to the Vet to watch the Phils and there were no more than 5,000 people rooting them on. Now, they are the face of the League! It’s so cool!

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