Posted by: londontravels | October 20, 2009

46, 47, 48

I encountered my first celebrity spotting tonight, plus I was mistaken for a celebrity (well, not really mistaken for a celebrity, but…I’ll explain later). First thing’s first, how about those Phillies baby! I truthfully can not believe the way they won last night…there is no other way to describe it other than magical. Is this destiny, folks?

Anyway, Sunday was a little bitter sweet considering the Eagles looked like they were half drunk from partying in Cali the night before and the Phillies put an absolute shalacking on the Dodgers. I don’t have much to say about the Eagles other than it looked like they thought they were the only team in the league with the luxury of two bye weeks. As for the Phillies, Cliff Lee is an absolute monster and it felt really good to see them beat up on Kuroda. For some reason, that guy dominates the Phillies, but not Sunday!

Monday night was our soccer (football) match, Fulham versus Hull City. I am not too familiar with how the leagues and classes and clubs and such work, but I am really trying to learn. What I do know though is that both teams play in the Barclay’s Premier League, which is the top league in England and arguably in the world. Teams that might sound familiar to you non-soccer followers are: Chelsea, Arsenal, Manchester United and Tottenham. Although we didn’t get to see any of those top flight clubs, Fulham (from my understanding) has a very rich history in the Premiere League, dating back 130 years. The stadium that they play in is called Craven Cottage which also is one of the oldest facilities in the entire league. The team that we were rooting for (only because the FIE told us to) was the victor, Fulham; the game ended Fulham 2, Hull nil. People chanting, everyone wearing black, it was definitely a neat experience. Our seats were wonderful, about 20 rows from the field, just to the right of the goal. I was very pleased to see one goal on our side and one on the other…you could clearly tell that Fulham was far more superior than Hull City.

One thing that intrigues me about soccer(football) is that people don’t necessarily root for the club that is closest to where they reside. For instance, we live in the Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea; however, our area roots for Fulham. Apparently, Chelsea fans are the celebrity type, more into the sport because they are a great team rather than having any personal ties with the team. Another example, Tottenham apparently has a very big Jewish following (for whatever reason) which has led to some anti-Semitic problems during matches. Don’t hold this against me, I was just told this by my professor. I know there are some readers who are big football fans (Frank, Tisin, Rubin, Tom) if you guys have any insight on this I would love to be educated.

Of course later on was the Phillies game which, like I said earlier, was magical. I seriously think that was the best ending I have seen since the World Series victory of last year…it was epic. After the game, I was eligible to pick classes at 12 AM Eastern, 5 AM here. Although I have to take 17 credits, there were only two classes that I need to take before I graduate. One being Senior Seminar and the other being a race course which I decided to take, Language and Race (not a very good variety of race classes). I also elected to take Still Photography/Filmmakers, (this is where it gets good ha ha) Aerobics, the Art of Acting and an online class called Special Topics that specifically looks into the water system in urban areas and how city parks, buildings, etc are erected around the water system ha ha (whaaat?). Yeah, I am not to sure either, but it was an online class and it was the only 2 credit class that I could find to fill my final slot. Luckily, I have a Tuesday, Thursday schedule since I will be living at home and my online course is on Monday nights. It is good to be a senior (or is it? I am getting a little nervous about graduating).

So, about my celebrity story…first, the other day a man pulled me aside and asked for directions. Surprisingly I had the answer to his query and gave him correct directions (hopefully). After recognizing the directions, the man proceeded to say, “Thanks, Prince Harry!” It wasn’t till I went home and used the Google machine to see exactly what Prince Harry looks like. Let’s just put it this way, if I was probably 4 to 6 inches taller, hung out with P. Diddy and Kanye and had women surrounding me 24/7, I could see the resemblance. But hey! I will take it!

Secondally, while traveling to Primrose Hill tonight for a flanuering exercise, I spotted, for all you Lord of the Rings nerds, Ian McKellan also known as Gandalf the Grey (thanks on the tube! It was pretty cool because I knew the face, but I couldn’t put my finger to it. So, I asked my professor and he said, “Stay cool, I will tell you when he passes.” Apparently people here don’t go goo goo ga ga over celebs…or at least they don’t act like it. The guy was riding public transportation ha ha.

Well, that is all from me tonight. I need to catch up on some sleep since tonight is an off night for me and the boys (incase you didn’t know I am pathetically referring to the Phillies). Pretty early day tomorrow with class and then I am trying to get my interview done! Pictures of the soccer match, although not very good ones, are posted below. Enjoy!

Love you,




  1. I can see the resemblance to Prince Harry, but I still think you have more of resemblance to Landry in Friday Night Lights….Soccer Game sounded like alot of fun. I tuned in on ESPN2, I think I saw one goal scored…They don’t have many shots of the fans, everything seems to be long shots, no close ups like we see here in the states with our football and every other sport. You said the stadium is 130 years old on TV it seems dark, like they could put in some new bulbs…..How were the concessions, what do they serve fish and chips with a pint? I guess hot dogs aren’t part of the menu?

    Go Phillies!!!!! Lots of excitement on this side of the pond. Everyone is talking about the Phils, the Eagles are an afterthought as well they should be after their play on Sunday.


    • The place is really old and you can tell. The fans actually where all black, so I am sure that doesn’t help with the lighting. As for concessions, I didn’t really get to check it out, but I did here they sold hot dogs and beer; however, you aren’t allowed to bring the beer to your seat…interesting.

  2. I think Prince Harry is good looking — especially with his red hair. Your beautiful “carrot top” makes you handsome and special, too. You could do worse!


    • ha thanks?

  3. Interesting Course schedule. For the Aerobics class do you need to wear short shorts like Richard Simmons?

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