Posted by: londontravels | October 25, 2009

51, 52, 53: Dublin and Rome here I…comb?

Just got done packing for Dublin. It is about 5:30 PM in London (the clocks were set back for daylight savings time). Here is my itinerary:

1:00 AM- Wake up

3:17 AM- National Express coach bus from Victoria Coach Station transports us to Stansted Airport

4:30 AM- Arrive at Stansted Airport

6:30 AM- Depart from London Stansted

7:40 AM- touch down in Dublin, Ireland (Our ticket to Amsterdam said it was going to take an hour and a half to get there, but it only took 40 minutes…I am hoping this flight to Dublin really only takes 20 minutes ha wishful thinking)

Unlike Amsterdam, we actually put together a little to-do list so that we know what we are getting into. As of right now, it looks like the Guinness Tour, the Dublin Natural History Museum, the Jameson Distillery, and a coach tour to the Wicklow Mountains and valleys are all definites (I swear…Steve, Chris and I aren’t drunks).

After our trip to Dublin, we will come back to London on the same return flight (6:30 AM) on Thursday (November 29), where I hope to sleep most of the day and then get ready for Rome. We will depart from Rome on Friday (November 30) with a flight scheduled for 8:40 AM out of Stansted. This should be an exciting, adventurous, exhausting 7 days!

Not much went on today other than the Museum of Everything. A neat little independent spot, the Museum of Everything houses works of artists who are unknown in the art scene. Most of the artists had mental and physical disabilities; however their work was quite elaborate, colorful and actually brilliant. I think it is amazing that people with mental disabilities have such a creative mind and the fact that they are able to express it in the way that they do is truly amazing. Also, a few of the artists were blind, mute and/or deaf. It is very interesting to see someone who is lacking an essential tool, communicating in a different way. No pictures were allowed inside, but I did take a couple pictures of the area we were in…nothing awesome. Anyway, I am thinking of hitting the sack in a little just so I can at least get a couple hours of sleep (doubtful). I am going to try to post between trips, but if I am not able to I will definitely post when I awake from my slumber.

Quick Notes:

Mimi- Don’t worry, I have upgraded from Nutri-grain Bars to Kellogg’s Cereal Bars for this trip 🙂

Love you all,


p.s. A little upset I will be missing game one of the World Series. I am going to try to stay up and watch Game 2 before I depart for Rome and if the series goes to 6 or 7 games, I will catch them (let’s hope the Phils win in 4!..unlikely).



  1. Have a wonderful time in Ireland. Beware of some lovely Irish colleens who may want to keep a handsome American red-head like you.

    Have fun! Be safe! Enjoy your cereal bars!

    Love, Mimi

  2. Steve, Chris and you visit so many pubs when you return you should develop a show for Food Network.
    It could be called “Pub of the Day”. Each day you visit an establishment and do a review. I am sure the three of you could combine your talents to put together an interesting show.


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