Posted by: londontravels | November 1, 2009

When in Rome (…still don’t know what that means)


Currently at the hostel in Rome. Took a walking tour of pretty much all of the great sites in Rome (Trevi Fountain, Roman Forum, Collosseum, San. Pietro in Vincoli, Piazza Venezia, Piazza Navona, etc.). We weren’t able to go in to the Collosseum, so today we took that tour as well as a tour of the old Roman City…what amazing sites. Tomorrow we are going to get up early and try to knock out the Vatican and Sisteen Chapel before our flight home. Rome is by far the most fascinating city I have been to yet. I will be sure to give more details when I get back to London. Ciao bitches!

p.s. is anybody paying attention to the Temple Owls football team?! 6 game winning streak with a 6-2 record?! That sounds like bowl eligibility to me!



  1. As a proud Alumni I have been paying attention, but have not been to a game since Villanova, which they should have never lost. Previous commitments on the calendar have meant I haven’t gotten to a game. Planning to go Thursday night, unless it is game seven of the World Series. Definitely Bowl eligibility.

  2. i smell bcs. that win against army will hold up huge when considering at large bids

    • ha ha I don’t think they are even eligible to be ranked in the BCS

  3. If Rome is the most fascinating city you have seen so far — is it also the most romantic? Did you get to throw a coin (“Three Coins in the Fountain”) from the circa ’40 movie of the same name? Great song from that film! Your Mom and I will sing you all 19 verses at the holidays.

    Love you. Stay safe! Have fun! mimi

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