Posted by: londontravels | November 12, 2009

67, 68, 69: Tower of London, getting ready for Paris

Exactly 1 month left in this journey. Unreal.

On Tuesday, our class went to the Tower of London which is a castle that was built over 900 years ago and is still used by the government today (making it the oldest government building in Britain). If you aren’t familiar with the Tower, maybe this will help. That’s right, those funny looking dudes wearing those ridiculous looking outfits, called Yoeomen Warders, or if you are an avid Gin drinker (Pop-Pop), Beefeaters, are housed here. Apparently they don’t like when they are called “Beefeaters,” but this is my blog and I am going to call them whatever I want ha ha. No one knows why they were ever labeled as “Beefeaters,” but regardless, it is much easier to just call them “Beefeaters” rather than their official name: Yeomen Warders of Her Royal Majesty’s Royal Palace and Fortress at the Tower of London (ugh…give me a break). Oddly enough they actually live within the walls of the Tower and apparently after the tourists leave it turns into this bizarre little community. All of the houses (or barracks) are original, so they were built for people 900 years ago (I am not saying the world was full of midgets, but I am guessing that people were MUCH smaller back then).

Anyway, the Tower of London was okay. They had all of the jewels and crowns and such that are used at the coronation when a new king or queen is crowned…a little overwhelming and a bit gaudy if you ask me. I don’t know if it is because I have been here for over 2 months or what, but the whole royalty thing doesn’t impress me anymore (if it ever did). To be quite honest, I think it is pretty stupid. Royalty is born into royalty and are basically living off of the tax payer’s money (kind of life welfare). In my opinion, I’m not too sure the Queen has any idea what is going on with the issues in her country (education, war, etc.)…she is basically just a face. I mean, the Queen does have the last say; however, the Queen hasn’t overruled a Prime Minister’s decision since the 1700’s (according to one of my professors). I don’ know, it’s all kind of ridiculous to me.

Well, you weren’t allowed to take pictures of anything inside, so not many to post tonight, but I hope you enjoy them.

Currently figuring out what we are going to do in Paris this weekend…we leave on Saturday. I think the definite destinations so far are: (obviously)Versailles, the Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame with a possible stop at Pere Lachaise Cemetery where icons such as Oscar Wilde, Edith Piaf and Sandrah Bernhardt are buried (but I am mainly going to see the Doors frontman, Jim Morrison’s grave)…should be a great trip. Although Steve will be going to Paris, he is going with a traveling club (the one I will be traveling with to Venice and Scotland) so I am not sure if we will be meeting up with him. Instead, Chris and I will be accompanied by Nora and Lauren for this trip. I found out yesterday that we have a four bedroom dorm that all four of us will be sharing. This is a good thing (I hope) because we will be able to leave all of our belongings in the room without any worries.

Well, not much else to report from Jolly Ol’…Mother, Father and Turd Ferguson (Colin) sent me a gift certificate to Harrod’s (the superlaciously, ginormous department store) for my birthday, so I think I am going to check that out tomorrow. Take care all.


“The Ultimate Warrior”

p.s. Got a hair cut today. I decided to go to an actual barber this time instead of having Lauren struggle through the bee’s nest that is on top of my head with those awful eyebrow scissors. I told the guy what I wanted and he basically disregarded everything I said and did what ever he wanted…I am pretty sure he only knows how to cut one style (not that my previous hair cut had any sort of style ha). The bus ride their took longer than the actual cut, but he got rid of a lot of hair in a short amount of time that’s for sure…fastest scissors in London if you ask me.

sexy time



  1. Ha! You’re new hollywood twin (from England, no less) Rupert Grint….from all movies, Harry Potter.

  2. thats where they killed sir thomas moore, i believe. King henry the viii couldn’t make a boy so he blamed his wife for it. thus wanting a divorce and when thomas said that wasn’t a legit reason for divorce he had him put to death. thomas moore was a pretty popular guy at the time. well known politician, lawyer and educator.

    • This is true. Wow… well done, Frank. They had a whole exhibit on Henry the VIII and how over the years he got fatter and his armour got bigger…kind of silly, but a lot of artifacts which was neat to see.

  3. I like your haircut. The pose is priceless! I don’t see Rupert Grint — I see more of an “Opie/Richie” look. I would like to have an 8 X 10 glossy.


  4. So great to talk to you today on the phone. I felt like you were in the next room. I hope you had fun at Harrod’s and had a fab around the world meal for your birthday.
    Happy Birthday darlin’

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