Posted by: londontravels | December 7, 2009


Hello Friends,

About 12:30 AM here and I just returned from Scotland. I planned on posting my journey tonight, but to tell you the truth I am effing tired. So, I just posted the pictures and some videos of the Highlands and Loch-ness (saw the monster and conquered his ass…don’t worry). I shall post tomorrow about my weekend. Before I go though, I would like to update my top 10 things I can’t wait to have back in the US.

Number 8: Domino’s 5 5 5 Deal

Yes, they have Domino’s. Yes, they are the self-proclaimed “pizza experts” (that’s right, I saw a Domino’s in Scotland this weekend that said “the pizza experts…”). And yes I’m pretty sure the ‘za blows compared to home. Oh yeah, and no 5 5 5 deal. Even if they did have the 5 5 5 deal, 5 pounds for a medium pizza in London is almost $8 at home…weaksauce.

Number 7: trash cans

In the mid 80’s people got their jollies over here by putting bombs in the city trash cans. They would put them in the trash cans in the tube stations and also in parks. So, instead of coming up with an awesome idea like this they decided to just get rid of them all together. I can’t wait to come home and be able to throw my trash out in a trash can located at every block or every corner. Convenience, people…convenience.

Number 6: free public restrooms

…I feel like I don’t even have to explain this one…pay? To go to the bathroom? Give me an effing break. Although it is usually under a pound to use some of the public restrooms in Europe, it is the principal of it. Oh yeah, I bought something at a McDonald’s in Amsterdam and when I went to wash my hands before eating, there was a man sitting there expecting me to pay a Euro to do so…

Okay, well I shall speak with you all tomorrow. Have a nice night. Love you.




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