Posted by: londontravels | December 9, 2009

Day 96

Currently sitting in class listening to people’s presentations on their interview topic. I am not sure if I mentioned this, but I (along with everyone else in my class) have been working on an interview project for my class, Special Topics: London Stories. We were told to go out, find something interesting about London and gain interviews from every-day Londoners during our time here. A lot of people have come up with some amazing topics (as I am finding out now as people present). We were free to present it in any way that we wanted to (transcript, video, audio, magazine article, etc.) Anyway, I did mine on the pub we regularly go to, The Chilled Eskimo. I finished it up last week and all over our projects are supposed to go on a Temple website for everyone to see, but who knows how long that is going to take. So, I am going to post my finished product as well as my roommate, Steve, who did his interview topic on the elderly in London. Basically, Steve went around London interviewing the elderly and presented them by putting each handwritten interview into a bottle (like a message in a bottle). Our professor had a great idea to put all three interviews into a bottle and throw it into the River Thames here in London…well, the video below documents that–I hope you like them.

Steven Schaber’s Message in a Bottle

Zac Taylor’s The Chilled Eskimo

The Chilled Eskimo

Before I go, here is my number 3 thing I can’t wait to have when I get back to the states:

Number 3: Pedestrians having the right of way.

In London, there are only a handful of places where the pedestrian has a right of way. And even when there is zebra stripes where you are allowed to walk, the cars don’t have to stop unless there is someone walking across (no stop signs what so ever). AND, if the car has to stop for a pedestrian, walk really fast and don’t look at them…they aren’t too happy about stopping.



  1. gosh Zac, i’m going to miss bein your london flatmate

    • you da man, Steve.

  2. yea something as simple as crossing the street can be very different all around the world.

  3. Wow,

    Loved both presentations. Zac, I could taste Guiness as I read and felt like I had a seat at the bar. I am sure you will all miss The Chilled Eskimo and not just for the cheap beer. Steve, I felt like I was standing next to you when you tossed the bottle in the Thames….(Zac did you do the filming?). The music was great it fit the video so well. It would be interesting to see if anyone finds the bottle and gets in touch with you. Great presentations by both you guys. You sure gave the viewer and reader a real taste of Jolly old England.


    • Dad, Steve filmed it himself with his digital camera. Also, the music he used is him playing the piano. Produced, Edited, Filmed, Starred and Composed by Steven Schaber.

    • Thanks Mr. T looking back, it feels like you were standing there with me on that bridge. Zac has been my right hand man all semester, he’s the only person in the house that eats healthy – i’ll miss the kid when he moves back to Bensalem

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