Posted by: londontravels | December 10, 2009

Day 97

Oh, hello. Just about to start packing…I really hope I can fit everything in to one bag.

Tonight our class is seeing Aladdin at the Hackney Empire (Pamela Anderson is supposed to be in the show starting December 13th…damnit, just missed it). Apparently this isn’t a normal play though, but a pantomime that a lot of countries have during the holidays. There is supposed to be a lot of interaction with the crowd, crude jokes and a lot of laughs–should be a fun night.

Well, down to the last 3 days and the last 2 of things I can’t wait to have once I return to the US. Here is number 2:

Number 2: American Football

I am not going to lie, I have really taken a liking to Soccer over here…it is effing amazing what some of these guys can do with that ball. The passion the fans have for their teams is unreal and the skill level of the players is far superior that anything the US could produce.

I have even taken a liking to rugby. Here it is considered a “posh” sport (whatever that means), but from watching a match between New Zealand and Italy the other week, there is nothing “posh” about it. The guys are huge, they were no pads and they have no regard for what they do with their body.

However, one thing that is getting on my nerves here is how everyone thinks American football is some girly game because they where pads. Those rugby players may be huge, but you are not going to see a 315 pound lineman running around a rugby field anytime soon. As for soccer, one of my pet-peeves (spelling?) is the fact that they are so damn dramatic. If a player gets tripped up, or tackled (legally), or even nudged, they drop to the ground like they were just sniped from the rafters. It is so frustrating to watch.

Anyway, for those reasons I can’t wait to come home, turn on the TV, grab a beer, grab some wings and watch 12 hours of non-stop AMERICAN football on Sunday. There is nothing better. Red-neck accent: “THIS IS AMERICA!”

Enjoy your Thursday.




  1. Truly enjoyed your travel adventures. One comment stood out for me personally. I experienced the exact same feeling of “home”when I visited Scotland. Must be the genes know from whence they came. Love Kathleen
    Welcome Home

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